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MAY 2019

Bad Taste is a revue of queer and camp curiosities, featuring a rotating cast of


JUNE 2019 dropshift dance PRESENTS: “NOOK” at The Charnel House CHICAGO- dropshift dance, celebrating its 9thAnniversary Season in 2019 and praised for creating work which is “…playful and alluring” (Art Intercepts, Chicago) and “…an ingenious offering…” (Laura Molzahn, The Chicago Tribune) premiere, “NOOK”, evening-length culmination of dance work, At Our Edges, offering audiences dance, dance film, and …

Bipolar Bitch

LABYRINTH PROJECTS and SWEETBACK PRODUCTIONS invites the audience on a wild ride through mania with their new show BiPoLaR BitCHAll cast members come with a diagnosis of bipolar or bipolar related issues. The cast explores the voyage of bipolar symptoms delving into Jungian spirituality and archtypes, while suffering the side effects of psychotropic sedation. The …