JUNE 2019

dropshift dance PRESENTS: “NOOK”

at The Charnel House

CHICAGO- dropshift dance, celebrating its 9thAnniversary Season in 2019 and praised for creating work which is “…playful and alluring” (Art Intercepts, Chicago) and “…an ingenious offering…” (Laura Molzahn, The Chicago Tribune) premiere, “NOOK”, evening-length culmination of dance work, At Our Edges, offering audiences dance, dance film, and participatory-guided physical experience. “NOOK”marks the culmination of 18 months of creative studio and performative research.  Cerniglia’s, At Our Edges, in its third phase of development, explores an adaptable physical state and our connection to the natural world and its processes of life and death.  Cerniglia’s research acknowledges existence and the absence of – centering around a community of movers that work to preserve the value that each body brings to the space.  Movement vocabulary borrows from tasks of preparation and physical ritual- corporeal manifestations explore internal darkness, thorough freedom/release, and a pursuit of refuge, comfort, and solace. 

“NOOK” Premieres at The Charnel House,

June 21-23, 2019 Friday/Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 7pm.

The Charnel House was once used as a funeral chapel, and functions now as a multi-arts center.  Its cozy/intimate design, architecture, and history as a gathering space will allow us to create a communal space for viewers and performers.


Friday.              June 21, 7:30pm   

Saturday.           June 22, 7:30pm   

Sunday.             June 23, 7:00pm                      

Where:          The Charnel House 

Tickets:  $16-$28


space is Limited. $16: open access tickets, $20: flexible seating, $24: pre-sale general admission, $28: general admission at the door

Program: Dance

At Our Edges, Directed by Andrea Cerniglia     

Movement creation in collaboration with dancers     Featuring:         Andrea Cerniglia with Monica Carrow, Christina Chammas, Alexandra Naranjo,  & Bonnie Christine Willis Original Composition: Luke Gullickson  Costume:Collin Bunting Lighting Design: Richard Norwood  Film.  Lustre:  Dance film vignettes conceived by Nadia Oussenko, inspired by At Our Edges

At Our Edges, unpacks our physical manifestations of loss and disruption. We examine how the initiations and pathways in the body and its physicality respond to abrupt change, impeding energetic shifts, and barrages of overwhelming stimuli.  Dancers examine energetic tensions and relationships between bodies, while carrying, caring, and manipulating those around them.  The work ruminates on existence and the absence of, while centering around a community of movers that work in unison, in pairings, and as a community to preserve the value that each body brings to the space.  Long time collaborators of dropshift contribute to the work.  Luke Gullickson composes an original score, Collin Bunting designs costume and textile pieces, and Richard Norwood acts as lighting designer and technical director. Nadia Oussenko’s dance film,Lustre, is inspired by the physical content of At Our Edges, and offers audiences a series of film vignettes rich with natural images and narratives that connect our existence to the natural world and its elements. 

dropshift danceis a provocative, inquisitive and authoritative investigator of movement. Conceived through a collaborative incubation laboratory of movement, sound, and visual installation, the work engages audience with dialogue, choice and experimental practice. The company works through a rigorous process of studio investigation to create work that energizes the space and creates an alternate world for the performer and viewer.  dropshift was founded in 2009 by Chicago based artist Andrea Cerniglia as a movement project dedicated to a collaborative and investigative studio practice and pushing boundaries of the art form in performance. The company mines abstract concepts that dissect societal structure, dynamics, and events that surround and impact us.  Collaboration extends beyond dance into the realm of film, visual art and installation piece, and musical composition.  This multi-disciplinary approach engages audience in a visual, aural, and human experience in order to move audience towards a transformative experience.This project is partially supported by funding from The MacArthur Funds for Arts and Culture at The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, The Illinois Arts Council Agency, an Individual Artist Support grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency, a state agency through federal funds provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as many generous contributions from individual donors.

For Reservation Information call dropshift dance at 978-317-5577Or visit


Published by Victoria Szilagyi

Local Chicago artist

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