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Bipolar Bitch

Group of actors dressed in baroque costumes

LABYRINTH PROJECTS and SWEETBACK PRODUCTIONS invites the audience on a wild ride through mania with their new show BiPoLaR BitCH
All cast members come with a diagnosis of bipolar or bipolar related issues. The cast explores the voyage of bipolar symptoms delving into Jungian spirituality and archtypes, while suffering the side effects of psychotropic sedation. The show stars the incredibly talented singer and composer, Violet, who draws us into the experience with her soulful and haunting music.

Conceived, produced & directed by Kelly Anchors
Choreography and costumes by Diane Hamm (with Robert Puig)
Music by Violet

Eight performances:
April 13, 20, 27
May 11, 18, 25th
And June 1st & 8th

Link to tickets
Click for tickets

Published by Victoria Szilagyi

Local Chicago artist

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