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Opening Saturday!!!

A new 2-act play with live music featuring an artistically diverse cast of musicians, improvisers, and performance artists. Tavis, a journalist from Chicago working for ONLINE Magazine, is sent to the small, mysterious town of Fairfield at the behest of his editor, David (who had witnessed a freaky domestic ritual there after his car broke down) to get a pulpy scoop for a story under the guise of doing a piece on the ‘Hammer Boys’- Fairfield’s most destructive DIY noise band. Soon Tavis meets Delia, Fairfield’s witchy town gardener, at a concert at the town’s eccentric co-op, and is taken into her confidence. She eventually shows him the secret at the heart of Fairfield, and they fall into a trippy romance. Things quickly unravel, however, when Delia discovers Tavis’ true intentions and David decides to cash in on Fairfield’s prefab authenticity and move the magazine’s headquarters there, all but ensuring the destruction of what makes the town special. Written by Bret Koontz, Directed by Zach Hebert Featuring: Zohair Hussein, Emme Williams, Tim Makowski, Sarah Quillin, Doug Malone, Alex Babbitt, Havadine Stone, Dave Bisson, Elizabeth Hartwig, Ethan Walles, and Travis.

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Published by Victoria Szilagyi

Local Chicago artist

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